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Kevin McDonald San Rafael on the Importance of Philanthropy in Today’s Society

With the coronavirus posing an issue, there are many more people in need of help. That is where philanthropy comes in, and Kevin McDonald San Rafael explains the good it can do.

Novato, CA / EIN / April13, 2020/ Philanthropy seems to be growing, both in frequency and in significance. With the coronavirus devastating people’s health and livelihood, people with money have had to step up to assist people without. One such example was when Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, donated $1 billion to coronavirus relief efforts. This accounts for almost one third of his net worth, making for a substantial chunk of change given to help. People have felt a great deal of dissatisfaction with how governments have been managing healthcare access and research, and Kevin McDonald San Rafael explains why more should be philanthropic if they have the money to do so.

Kevin McDonald San Rafael on why people should give if they are able

Philanthropy comes in all shapes and sizes. It can take the form of financial donations to charities, while other forms of philanthropy include donating supplies. These range from food to clothing, the latter which is often something more easily discarded due to clothing having the tendency to accumulate and fall out of use over time. Even entertainment products, such as video games or televisions, can do a world of good for young people; charities such as Child’s Play make efforts to get kids hooked up with toys and games, Kevin McDonald San Rafael notes.

Now, this should not be taken to be a guilt trip for people who are unable to part with money or possessions, Kevin McDonald San Rafael reassures. Even with some people who could theoretically afford it, donating too much for anyone can prove devastating in the event of a crisis — for example, the crisis that we are in right now. With people losing jobs or otherwise on work hiatus, people need to get their necessities somehow, Kevin McDonald San Rafael points out. Every penny, every item, certainly counts for those too disadvantaged by this situation, especially if they were in a bad position already when the crisis reared its ugly head.

Along these lines, anyone who would consider themselves well-to-do have a moral obligation to give back whenever possible. Again, that should not mean discarding all of their wealth, Kevin McDonald San Rafael brings up, but much like how Jack Dorsey donated 28 percent of his earnings to fight the coronavirus, the importance of wealthy people giving away even one percent of their earnings is there, Kevin McDonald San Rafael adds. For example, if Jeff Bezos gave away 28 percent of his earnings to combat the coronavirus or give aid to people affected by the pandemic, he would donate 34.2 billion dollars — leaving him with 87.9 billion dollars. If more people gave more money when they could, Kevin McDonald San Rafael laments, the world would be in a much better place.