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Philanthropist Kevin McDonald San Rafael Explains How Everyday Citizens Can Help Hospitals


Philanthropist Kevin McDonald San Rafael explains how everyday citizens can support hospitals and health care workers.

NOVATO, CA / MAY 18, 2020 / The trying times of the coronavirus pandemic have left many hospitals and healthcare workers in need of support. Philanthropist Kevin McDonald San Rafael expalins that you don’t need to be wealthy or a large corporation to provide aid during these times.

“There are countless small things everyday citizens can do to help hospitals and healthcare workers right now,” Kevin McDonald San Rafael says. “Event the smallest acts of kindness go a long way.”

Kevin McDonald San Rafael explains one of the easiest ways to help is to provide food for healthcare workers and their families. This can be through providing meals to hospitals or simply to the people in your neighborhood or community who are working on the frontlines. Many of these healthcare workers can’t make it home to cook for their families, so providing food for their children can be a great help too.

Kevin McDonald San Rafael explains there are also numerous places to donate, whether you’re able to donate $3 or $3,000. Many local hospitals accept donations, as well as the Center for Distaster Philanthropy, Direct Relief, and other organizations. Kevin McDonald San Rafael says that if you’re not able to donate, you can do a major service by not purchasing unnecessary amounts of supplies. He explains that simply leaving masks, hand sanitizer, goggles, and other vital items for those on the frontlines can be a major service.

“You may feel inclined to buy enough masks to protect your family for a full year of the pandemic, but that can cause far more harm than good,” Kevin McDonald San Rafael says. “Not purchasing unnecessary supplies is one of the simplest ways to help our healthcare workers.”

Kevin McDonald San Rafael states another way to help hospitals, during a pandemic or not, is to donate blood whenever possible. While some blood drives have been cancelled to encourage social distancing, donors can still contact the American Red Cross and find a nearby place to donate. Doctors fear blood shortages in the future, and this is a simple yet highly effective way to help.

“The biggest way to support our heathcare workers is to follow advice they give us,” Kevin McDonald San Rafael says. “This is the cheapest and easiest way to help, and it’s one of the most influential.”

Kevin McDonald San Rafael says it pays to listen to the experts on issues like social distancing, hand washing, and staying home. Following the advice of healthcare workers means slowing the spread of the illness, so they can start working normal hours and return home to their families.

“The best gift we can give them is the opportunity to return home to their families and resume normal working hours,” Kevin McDonald San Rafael concludes.